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Guidance and Counseling

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Guidance and Counseling Department
Phone: (409) 735-1717


Ashton Peddy

Betty Stephenson


Welcome back! 

We are in for a great school year at Bridge City Middle School. Middle school can be a wonderful time in students’ lives, but it can also present challenges. I am here to support and address the needs of all of the students at BCMS. My hope is that students feel my office is a safe haven, where they are welcome at any time. Parents, teachers, and administrators can refer students to me for a number of reasons.  An important aspect of this department is to assist students to adjust to the social and academic setting of the Middle School.  A counselor can help students discover aptitudes, interests and needs as well as to plan courses, make schedules, and acquire relevant and pertinent information. Parents are encouraged to visit with the me whenever they need assistance concerning their child's academic, social, or emotional health. I hope you will consider me a valuable resource and important partner on your child’s team. If you would like for me to meet with your child, please contact me.  I am happy to help. 

​"Nine tenths of education is encouragement." ~Anatole France

​I look forward to providing encouragement and support to your children as they continue to learn, grow, and develop in middle school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ashton Peddy

School Counselor

Guidance Counselor versus School Counselor?

I am NOT a Guidance Counselor. I AM a School Counselor.

What's the difference? A Guidance Counselor is a term from the dark ages of school counseling. A Guidance Counselor is a person who had little training in the role of a counselor. Their job duties included "guiding" students in their college applications and high school course selection. A lot has changed in the field of counseling and the modern School Counselor has a Master's Degree specific to School Counseling. School counselors must be able to handle a wide variety of counseling issues, from suicide and ideation, grief, LGBT, cutting, absenteeism, social skills, relational aggression, technology, academic, career, giftedness, special education, group dynamics, and family relationships. School Counselors also develop a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on 3 domains set forth by the American School Counselor Association. Those skill sets include Personal/Academic Development, Career and Decision-Making Skills, and Interpersonal Skills.  At the high school level, college planning and course selection, are a major focus of the job, but fall within these categories. At the middle and elementary levels, the focus shifts slightly. Issues regarding bullying, interpersonal skills, and academic success are the predominate areas of support, coupled with promoting a culture where all students are career and college ready.

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