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How To Do Research

Basic Steps in the Research Process - A list of steps to guide you in your research project



**Plagiarism Video for Schools - Richards Digital Media (length - 8:37)

How to Avoid Plagiarism - Tips for Students - video by Software4Students (length - 2:50)


Citing Your Work

**MLA Video for Schools - Richards Digital Media (length - 14:31)


Copyright and Fair Use

**Copyright and Fair Use Animation - video by Common Sense Media (length - 2:45)

What Is Copyright? - video by Ryan Molton (length - 2:59)

Creativity, Copyright, and Fair Use for Ethical Digital Citizens - video by CyberWise1


General Reference

  1. EasyBib Research - search results are identified by credibility and type of source (newspaper, book, magazine, web, etc.)

  2. - search for facts with this database

  3. Library Spot - general reference plus access to magazines, newspapers, journals, podcasts, and more



  1. - definitions, Word of the Day, crossword puzzles, translator, and more

  2. Merriam-Webster Online - great dictionary which offers Spanish dictinoary, medical dictionary, Word of the Day, Spelling bee site, and more

  3. OneLookDictionary - searches databases of other dictionaries for definitions

  4. Rhymer - rhyming dictionary

  5. Rhymes - rhyming dictionary

  6. Word Central - definitions, build your own dictionary, word games, and daily Buzzword

  7. YourDictionary - definitions, thesaurus entries, spelling, pronunciation, and etymology of words